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Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Centre for Energy Research (ICER) at IISc, Bangalore established in 2012 with the need to bring the energy research pursued at IISc under one roof. ICER provides a platform to integrate expertise from various disciplines such as Mechanical, Electrical, Physical and Chemical Sciences towards addressing the energy needs, with major focus on renewable energy.

Energy is one of the most important issues facing our country today, and therefore, the development of affordable and efficient energy sources is paramount. The centre has a focus addressing both the basic as well as translational research in the area of energy. Towards addressing efficient energy conversion, the centre focuses on the technological aspects of climate change mitigation options.

The centre addresses several of the National goals through R and D in the areas of solar energy, biomass, hydro, combustion and utilization of a range of fuels, clean coal and also prime movers like new cycle using supercritical CO2, gas turbines, IC engines for alternative fuels, energy storage, smart grids, etc.,

The future energy needs of the society are clear along with the limitations. While the National goals on energy and climate change program are evident through several programs, we as a group can march towards meeting some of the goals that are equally determined to touch the lives of every citizen. Through R and D, ICER would like to make change to the energy scenario in the country.  Would like all of you to participate and be part of this journey.

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Energy Research (ICER) was set up in 2012. Research in Energy is interdisciplinary by its nature and needs expertise in many different domains. Taking into consideration the strengths of the Institute in various fields related to Energy and the present need for the country in Energy Research, IISc has created this interdisciplinary centre. A wide range of research activities related to Energy is already being carried out by individual faculties, which is already serving as a base for energy research. Under ICER, research on various fields, such as Concentrating Solar Power (CSP), Next-Generation Solar PhotoVoltaic (PV), Thermo-chemical of biomass, hydrogen production and storage, High Storage Density Battery, Sustainable Technologies, smart grids, Combustion Science and Technology.

ICER houses a range of facilities for carrying research in the broad area of energy. The centre hosts the facilities created under the National Centre for Combustion Research and Development (NCCRD) supported by DST.  They also host the first Super Critical CO2 cycle in India and was recently inaugurated by the Minister for Science and Technology.  The centre hosts the National Centre for Clean Coal Research and Development to address both the utilisation of coal and the need for materials and processes for the supercritical cycles.

ICER has 12 Associate faculty members, two visiting faculty and more than 30 participating faculty members from various IISc departments. The ICER as a family also includes 38 students. We have collaboration in the area of energy with various groups within the country as well as abroad. We welcome both academic and industry collaborations.

The centre offers PhD programs in the area of Energy.

Our Activities

As part of the centre’s activities, collaborative projects between various departments at IISc have already been initiated. Major projects have been recently funded (or approved for funding).

To work together in a joint intellectual effort, various renowned research institutes and industries worldwide have joined hands for innovative research in the area of Energy

ICER Laboratories provide adequate facilities for research and development activities. Researchers actively collaborate and constantly strive to acheive breakthroughs.